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Recently the AOL owned splash web page company About.Me created a national competition to find the new ‘face’ of their company. Enation was one of the top 20 pages. A panel from About.Me/AOL then chose the top 10 and awarded the top three pages as the grand prizewinners.

Enation won!!! This means Enation will be featured on a NY Times Square billboard for a month. They will also get free national exposure as one of the three ‘faces’ of the About.Me campaign.

This also means that Lori Jane Photography will get an image on a billboard in Times Square…can you believe it?!?! I am still pinching myself…not bad for a girl from North Dakota, eh? I can only imagine this is how Doc felt when he discovered he had actually built a time machine out of a DeLorean!… or how Elliott felt when he went to fetch his older brother a pizza because all he was trying to do was to fit in but instead he actually discovers a stranded alien! …or how 13 year old Josh Baskin felt after he goes to a fortune-telling machine called Zoltar Speaks, and wishes that he was “big”. He finds out that the machine is unplugged and the next morning, he is shocked to discover that he has been transformed into a 30-year-old man!…

Eeeeeeeeek, I’m so excited!!! Anyway, I digress…back to the reason I am writing this post today. I want to tell you all a little more about the fabulously talented band Enation and you will understand why they would/should get noticed:

Enation is recognized as one off the best independent anthemic rock bands around. A recent CBS newscast compares the band to U2 and Radiohead while others note the lyrical similarities to Dylan and Cash.

Brothers and Hollywood actors Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson, who have been acting in film and television for over 18 years alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment such as Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Michelle Pfeiffer,  Calista Flockhart and Ben Kingsley, formed the music group that came to be known as Enation. Enation’s lead singer Jonathan Jackson is a 4-time Emmy winner and he joined drummer Richard Lee Jackson in a People Magazine World’s Sexiest Men issue. After Jonathan and Richard had played together for years they decided to invite their good friends Daniel Sweatt, Michael Galeotti and most recently Luke Galeotti to join.

Enation has built an international fan base selling thousands of albums at home and abroad, with two songs featured on the hit CW TV show “One Tree Hill” –– including the title track from their (2008) album “World In Flight” and “Feel This (feat. Enation)”.

“Ride,” Enation’s first single from their 2004 debut independent album, Identity Theft, was featured prominently as the theme song to Riding the Bullet, a Stephen King thriller which also stars the band’s frontman, Jonathan Jackson.

The band later released two more independent albums in 2007, Soul & Story: Volume One and Where the Fire Starts. In 2008 Enation released their breakout album, “World In Flight”, and combined the previous two rock records (“Identity Theft” and “Where the Fire Starts”) into one compilation album entitled, “Falling Into Sounds: The Early Sessions 2004-2007″.

Recent Performances 
for standing room only crowds greet Enation headlining live at the hottest spots in Hollywood, Music City, the Big Apple, and the Great Northwest.

But Enation isn’t about to limit breakthrough as something just for the band and their listeners. “Our songs challenge us,” drummer Richard Lee says, “to live in love, forgiveness, compassion and dreams. But those shouldn’t just be for us, they should be for anyone.” Enation takes that seriously and have been involved with a number of charities, including OXFAM AMERICA, COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL, WATER FOR LIFE, JUST YELL FIRE, A BENEFIT FOR HAITI, and most recently NOT FOR SALE, which raises funds and awareness to combat the atrocity of modern day slavery and child-trafficking.

Their new album, MY ANCIENT REBELLION, released October 11th 2011. It debuted at #113 on the national iTunes Alternative Charts, right near bands like Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, The Black Keys, Green Day, and Muse.

Watch the Go behind the scenes & inside the making of ‘My Ancient Rebellion‘ (featuring photo’s by Lori Jane Photography), Enation’s highly anticipated new album. Lead singer Jonathan Jackson discusses everything from the process of making the album, to the band’s accomplishmets as an independent band, as well as Enation’s partnership with the Global non-profit anti-human trafficking organization Not For Sale.

Listen to what Enation has to say about Lori Jane Photography

“We’ve worked with other photographers over the years as a band, but Lori Jane delivered the most dynamic, artistic and identity capturing images we’ve ever had. She was very prepared, had a vision for the shots but was easy to work with collaboratively. Lori Jane has a gift, and we are blessed to have her eye looking through the lens and capturing that unique perspective for us. Highly recommended is an understatement.”

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