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LOOOOOOoooooooooooove!!! This is the usual response when the name Everly is uttered (I definitely echo this reaction)! I heart Everly…there I said it…LOVE, Love, love. Everly is an American folk music duo that formed in Battle Ground Washington. You MUST go check out the oh so talented and beautiful duo so you can listen to some of their amazing recordings.

Everly is what became of two friends, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Amber Sweeney, deciding to collaborate and share their passion for music and storytelling. Bethany Joy & Amber have been writing songs individually for as long as they can remember. In 2008, they decided to use their long-time friendship for the greater good and created Everly, realizing that two songwriters are better than one.

Everly has already seen success with several projects, beginning with their three-song EP titled Mission Bell. Since then, the duo has had continued success with a series of digitally released B Track albums that have been featured on the  CW hit television series, One Tree Hill, on which Galeotti is an actor and director. The songs include 4 originals: Quicksand, Maybe, Flying Machine, & Girl In Moon — all of which have made it to top charting positions on iTunes and CD Baby (you can listen to some of these songs on my website where I feature Everly’s music). The duo also digitally released an acoustic Christmas album in 2009 titled, Fireside, which made it as high as #48 on the iTunes Top Holiday Albums chart.

Bethany Joy has performed a string of original tracks on One Tree Hill due to her character’s ambitions to reestablish her music career. In the episode titled Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous Everly performs at a massive USO concert at the Marine Corps Air Station New River military base in North Carolina. The duo also performed their single written for troops; “Home Is Me – You Are Mine”. After its airing, Everly’s single Feel This instantly rose to #14 on the itunes folk charts and allowed them to maintain the #1 top seller spot on CD Baby for several weeks. In the episode titled We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me), Karen’s Café is transformed into a glamorous nightclub with Lucas as its proprietor and Haley as the cabaret singer which allowed Galeotti the opportunity to premiere more songs featured in Everly’s EP. In the seventh season of One Tree Hill, Everly’s song Quicksand was re-released, this performance kicked off Haley James Scott’s music journey followed by her tour Flying Machine. In the fictional tour, songs written and performed by Everly were featured on the show while concurrently being released through iTunes and CD Baby.

So what is Folk music? Folk songs are characterized by simple instruments and a focus on acoustic styles. Folk music is seen as the authentic expression of a way of life now past or about to disappear (or in some cases, to be preserved or somehow revived). I never thought I would utter the words “I love Folk Music”…

I’ve heard that the perfect combination consist of beauty, brains and talent. In that case, Bethany Joy Galeotti & Amber Sweeney have set a new standard of perfection…there is no denying it when you listen to Everly’s tight vocal harmonies and solid guitar-driven grooves (plus a touch of the blues & a frisson of jazz)!  Make sure you check out Everly’s blog where you can become a part of the Everleague (the Official Everly Fan club) and make sure to visit the gallery where you can see more photos of Everly by Lori Jane Photography.

It may go without saying, but don’t forget to catch Everly’s Bethany Joy Galeotti on the season premier of OTH tonight on the CW Network…

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Throughout this post I have linked to Everly’s website, twitter and Facebook but I think you will also enjoy…
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lj - Thank you Deshani :)

Deshani - They are incredible, and these photos are stunning :)

lj GUNDERSON - Thank you Alison…xoxo
Yay, Thank you Belinda – LJP thinks you’re awesome…“holla” to you and France ,)
Thanks for the amazing compliment Lizzy and I love your comment…“Everly has talent in abundance”…I AGREE 100%
Melissa, I love that you love Everly’s music and love that you first heard them on my website. You rock sista…xoxo

alison bell - Well done ms g is what Alison would say and how beautiful these phones are. Alison would end Much love GOD bless

Belinda - This is such a good article with AWESOME pictures!! It sums up really good what Everly is & why EVERYONE should listen to them. Anyway, from my little country that’s France I do really love them. And their music always give me a smile so Thanks you ladies for that. XO

Lizzy - Absolutely stunning photography! The Ladies look incredible!
I also heart Everly, I appreciate good songstresses and Everly have talent in abundance!
Great article! X x

Melissa - Miss Lori, I was just listening to them on your website a few days ago when you posted your blog about Claire. I had been meaning to text you and tell you how much I love that their music is on your page. They have such beautiful voices and I just love listening to them. So thanks for sharing. I have watched a few seasons of One Tree Hill so I was familiar with Bethany but didn’t know there was another with as great a voice as hers.

I just love how we have such good taste together, you and me! LOL You would think WE were best friends growing up.

Keep up the great work. Beautiful photos, as always!

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