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Today is giveaway day…

Lori Jane Photography is thrilled to tell you about the wonderful goodies three lucky readers will win! I’m still coming down from the high of being in New York with my friends, Jeanine and Enation, to see the billboard.

If you haven’t heard yet, Recently the AOL owned splash web page company About.Me created a national competition to find the new ‘face’ of their company and Enation won! This means Enation will be featured on a NY Times Square billboard for a month.

This also means that LORI JANE PHOTOGRAPHY will get an image on a billboard in Times Square!!! I am beyond ecstatic and wanted to share a little bit of my bliss so I decided to do a giveaway.

EEEEErrrrrch! That’s was it…my SKID TO A STOP, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, OH NO YOU DIDN’T feeling when I looked up and saw my image on a the bigger than life billboard! The 5 faces of Enation staring across a sea of tourist, Broadway stars, business people and The Naked Cowboy…the people that make up the hustle and bustle of Times Square.  You instantly know, in a New York minute, that there is nothing ordinary about these boys.

Now, I could spend the day telling you how down to earth and ordinary these 5 boys are that make up the Indie Rock band, Enation. They exude humility and peace around them and you undeniably know that there is something more…something bigger than you can explain…something SPECIAL! It’s something in the air…I could go on and on and tell you how unbelievably cool these guys are, or how down to earth they are, or how witty they are (each one of the guys takes a turn with a hysterical side comments one after another), or how any one of them looks like he could be an Abercrombie & Fitch model (even while just sporting a regular old t-shirt and jeans).

(...so cool they had a drink named after them!)

But rather than tell you any of that I thought I would just show you. Here are a few of the fun images that Lori Jane Photography captured while in NYC with Enation.

GIVEAWAY INFO  (winner picked randomly by a computer generated outside source) 

•GRAND PRIZE: One lucky winner will receive a personalized (just for YOU) autographed limited edition package of Enation’s ‘My Ancient Rebellion’! This package includes: A Limited Edition autographed ‘My Ancient Rebellion’ album – signed by all five members of Enation; 1 Enation T-shirt; 1-8×10 Enation Photo (image by Lori Jane Photography); 1 Enation Sticker

•RUNNERS UP:  Two runners-up will receive a copy of Enation’s newly released album ‘My Ancient Rebellion’! (The albums inside cover features 2 images by Lori Jane Photography)

You can also visit Enation’s online store to purchase most of these items while supplies last at http://store2.bandfarm.com/enationmusic 


1} BLOG COMMENT: Leave a statement here, on my blog under the comments section, stating what you rebel against. Please enter all fields so I can contact you if you are the winner. (email not seen by other’s).

2} FACEBOOK ENTRY: First, “Like” Lori JFane Photography on Facebook. Second, leave a comment on which LJP image of Enation is your favorite.  You must click to “LIKE” and leave a comment. If you are already a FB friend and Like LJP you can still enter by leaving a comment.

3} TWITTER ENTRY: First, click to follow @ljGUNDERSON (Lori Jane Photography) on Twitter. Second, tweet your favorite Enation song at @ljGUNDERSON. You must follow and tweet for entry to be valid. If you already follow LJ on Twitter you can still enter by tweeting a comment.

( live screen…this means that Enation made it on TWO billboards in one day! Can you find Enation in Times Square? )


For 2 more entry’s you can help LJP spread the word…

4] UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS (just copy & paste this message):

The ‘My Ancient Rebellion’ giveaway is going on @Lori Jane Photography blog! http://www.lorijanephotography.com/blog/?p=430

5} UPDATE YOUR TWITTER STATUS (just copy and paste this tweet):

@ljGUNDERSON • The Enation ‘My Ancient Rebellion’ giveaway is going on at Lori Jane Photography http://www.lorijanephotography.com/blog/?p=43”

The @ should link back your fb & twitter status updates to me in order to count as extra entry’s. This means you can enter 1 time, 2 times or as many as 5 times buuuuuuut you can only enter each catagory once. You must leave a comment for each place you enter.


( please take Dan’s lead by reading and following rules…giggle )


•Winners will be chosen at random.

•The Giveaway ends Sunday, October 23rd at noon Pacific Standard Time.

•Winners will be announced here, on the blog, Monday October 24.

( Breakfast before checking out the billboard • Enation showing on an ad in the taxi • Holy Freaking Cow, can you even imagine how many people are viewing one of LJP's images right now!?!

•Disclosure• This promotion is NOT sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. You are providing your information to Lori Jane Photography; all information you provide will only be used by us.

I know what you’re thinking. I never win anything! But it doesn’t hurt to try and who knows…today might be your lucky day!


lori jane photography | Fashion, Entertainment, Senior, Family, Children Photography | Portland OR, Vancouver WA, Destination...The World - [...] SUPER EXCITED to announce the grand prize winner and runner-ups to Lori Jane Photography’s first giveaway! Thank you so much to everybody that entered…it’s a blast getting to know you all [...]

lj - I loooooove your statement at the end of what you rebel against…so true! YOU GO GIRL! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing compliment aaaaaand for loving my craziness too…giggle ,)

lj - Aaaaaaaaw, I love that you let me know about Alison…I will place her in my prayers! I know Gods loving arms are wrapped around her. Let her know that I think it is a huge compliment (about Everly and Enation…”you have a way of showing who they are!!”)…it is my desire to let my subjects personality show through! That really means a lot to me.
Please give Alison my love and let her know there will be an Everly post sooooooon ,)
You are an awesome friend Cain…xoxo

Anna Marie Sevilla - I REBEL AGAINST RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. It can be difficult to prove racial discrimination in some circumstances and easy to prove it in others.We are all human.Equality and Respect is what we ask for… Respect us as human and as a person.

P.S LJ,all the pics are awesome and undeniably you’re such an amazing and so talented person. I admire your talent and your craziness. xoxo

alison bell - Ps i had already just ordered alison the autographed pack but when i told her about this her answer was so perfect and so ‘her’ i couldn’t not post it. Especially as she has hardly been able to utter two words in a row since her relapse. Anyway, hope you enjoy all the welcomed replies.

alison bell - Hi again. I had to post Alison ‘s comment for her as she is seriously ill and bedridden and due to a severe relapse is unable to do mostly anything for herself. I notice your comment to her so will definitely tell her of your words and kindness. She is a huge Enation and Everly fan and adores all your work with them. She says you have a way of showing who they are!! Must go, thanks Cain. Alison would end Much love God bless

lj - *LOVE* Thank you for sharing Jeannine and thank you for your wonderful compliment! I think you are pretty amazing too…xoxo, lj

lj - Yes, this is where you post :) I love the passion of your rebellion Karen! I would love to hear more on bringing awareness so people can take a stand and NOT be afraid to report…xoxo. lj

lj - Thank you for bringing more awareness to child abuse Nancy. Lori Jane Photography thinks you are absolutely wonderful!!! xoxo, lj

lj GUNDERSON - Thank you Kandida!!! Lori Jane Photography thinks you Rock too…xoxo

lj GUNDERSON - Hi Christi, you’re right children should not have to grow up that fast! I’m saying a prayer for you and your daughter…you sound like a great mother! xoxo, lj

lj GUNDERSON - Super awesome post Tracy!!! xoxo, lj

lj GUNDERSON - Helene, Thank you! Not only am I thrilled you like the photo but I am super happy you found the blog interesting. I plan on moving forward with all blog posts in the same direction so you can feel a connection to both me and the subject in the image.
xoxo, lj

lj - AMEN Alison girl! LOVE DOES ROCK INDEED!!! There can absolutely, positively be no disqualifying (new rule) because every answer is so unique, passionate and full of awesomeness!!! I love, love, love that love is what you stand up for! God did give us such a great gift…God is good…God is Love!!! EEeeek, I’m so happy right now….totally feeling lots of love coming my way and I hope you can feel it back. Thank you for going with your true answer and for your passion! YOU ARE LOVED MY SISTA…xoxo

alison bell - I rebel against anything that stands against love. Which i know covers so many things so i know i may be disqualified, but its my only true answer. Be it love for human kind, love for humour, love for music, love for righteousness, love for you children, love for food, love you use to fighting illness, poverty, abuse, addiction, Ungodlyness, bullying, etc etc, love for your family and friends, , , i could go on all day and still not have told of all the ways love rocks. God gave us such a gift, and if used wisely, can make this world such a beautiful place. Love, is what i stand up for, and i will rebel against anything that stands against it. Much love, God bless ps Enation kick some serious music arse! And Ms Jane takes some stunning photos!

Helene Parson - This is an very interesting blog to know more about the photographer as well as the band Enation. Very beautiful pictures !!

Tracy - I rebel against the exploitation of women and children.


Kandida - Great Photos!!!! Way to Rock it LJ.

Nancy - I rebel against child abuse. Some abuse is never seen but just as hurtful and devastating.

karen McConnell Hall - I hope this is where I post about the contest, on your blog.

I rebel against Child Abuse! There are cases of child abuse going on each day. Most which comes from the child’s own parents. Child abuse is also more than just broken bones and brusies. There are other types of abuse that are going on each day. Emotional, Sexual and Child Neglect alone, that leave long lasting scars too! People need to be wiling to take a stand against child abuse, and not be afraid to report it!

Jeannine - I rebel against hunger and homelessness!

LJ…AMAZING pix and blog!! =)

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